The crisis is over!

by - October 26, 2008

FREEDOM at last! My midterms are over and I don't have to wake up at 8 AM on Monday for my first class since I already took my midterm for it last Friday, I get to have my off for that course. Hayy, I love my prof in General Psychology. :) She's super considerate and very good with handling our class. L-O-V-E, Mrs. Alcarazen!

Well, we went out again today, making use of my free time and of course the last weekend that my Mom will get to spend with us, because she's going back to Taiwan again. Poo. :( It's sad really. We've been use to this arrangement for ages, like since I was 3 years old, but sometimes the feeling never out grows you. Hay, that's part of reality. Anyway, so today when I woke up my Mom and I did a little general cleaning in my room since it was uber dusty and we didn't want Athan to breathe all that dirt in. We did a lot and we managed to finish in 4 hours. Mind you, my room is not big yet it seems to accumulate tons of dust. Pft. After cleaning my room, Wubie came over and we prepared ourselves to go to Glorietta and get my Little Miss Augustinian t-shirt from my friend. I'm super happy with the t-shirt!! I'll take a picture of myself wearing it one of these days or after it's been washed. So, after getting the shirt, we went around and guess what I saw...Another trinket! Wahh, yes an uber cute wooden crocodile trinket! And upon seeing it I was like, "OMG!" but I was penniless so, I thought to myself I'll just take a really good look at it then let it go, but the sweet guy Wubie is, seeing how much I adored it, got it for me. ( I AM SPOILED! dayyyym. Thanks, Wubie I love you and it aw much!)

(L-R the pink bear is just something I got last week, the croc is what Wubie got me!:) )
I am a huge sucker for cute trinkets so, bear with me every time, I have a trinket entry. =P

After, Glorietta we went to MoA to meet up with my Mom and some of her College friends. We had dinner at T.G.I.F and because of the busy day we had Athan was very fussy every time we would get in a car. He was super duper tired from today and finally, he's fast asleep. :) I'm also quite tired too so I better rest. I hope you guys are having a great weekend. How's sembreak for the non-trimestral people btw??:) Well, must get some rest. But before I leave here's a quick photo Wubie took of me and Athan at Seattle's best coffee shop.
I love how Seattle Bests came up with the idea of putting these signs outside their windows, don't you?
:) Good night, people!:D

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