always and after forever

by - August 23, 2009

I found myself browsing through my old livejournal account last night and stumbled upon Wubie's blog entries and I decided to read them. He's an incredibly good writer and often he wrote about us. Two entries that made me teary eyed was this---

November 11, 2007:
I spent this morning looking at your/our pictures and I could say that you still have that effect on me, the first time I saw you and the first time we met. Breathtaking. There's really something about you that takes my breath away. From your smile that caught my eye, to every little thing you do that gives me this genuine feeling of being happy. It's been a year since we met and what I feel, my love for you, only gets stronger with each day. I'm really happy that I made the right choice of loving you and I really am thankful for having that chance of getting to know you and that privilege of being with you. We'e gone through a lot together and every struggle and every moment of happiness we have only makes my wish of wanting to be with you for the rest of my life stronger. I don't mind going through whatever problems we may have to face as long as I have you're hand in mine. I don't mind going through whatever problems we may have to face as long as I have you're hand in mine. I love you, my Wubie and I will do so till after forever.

June 3, 2007:

Sleep has not yet come and I find myself thinking about the only person who gives me genuine happiness. She sleeps now, resting peacefully on her cozy bed, eager to wake at the start of another new day. How I long for her, but for now, I guess I'll just have to wait. I really wish I can be with her...

For me, she's the best person in the world and everytime we're together, I feel like I'm the greatest person in the sense that she accepts me for who I really am while giving no room for harsh criticisms and such. When I am with her, I am at peace with my world; all my worries and insecurities tend to fade away at the mere presence of her by my side. She has this positive effect on me such that a single word from her or any of the simple things she does can really make my day. She's always there for me, always ready to listen, to talk, to hug, to kiss. She does all of these things unconditionally, giving all that she can just to make me happy.

I love her. With all of my heart; with all of my mind; with all of me. I know that she loves me the very same way.

She's a very important part of me and being far from her really makes the days longer. Though I can't wait to be with her again, I really don't mind that since she's always worth the wait. Always.

He wrote these two years ago and up to now I still feel happy and emotional when I read them and I can say that I really do love him so much. I am so fortunate to have someone really dedicated to love me unconditionally no matter how stubborn I may get. I feel blessed and completely in love all over again. I will forever love these entries and I love you, GERSHWIN ETHELBERT ZABAT always and after forever.

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  1. sana nga lang makahanap din ako nang lalakeng uhm.. expressive! Minsan lang ang mga kagaya nang hubby mo! LOL


  2. im so touched... sweet namn. na inggit tuloy ako wahehehe.. ur so lucky ava! keep the love alive

    tc! =)



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