Happy 26th!

by - August 12, 2009

Wubie sent me this at exactly 12:00 midnight for our 26th month. He's such a creative sweety. (Thank you for this, Bie!) Now I can't wait to give him my little present. He's really excited to know what it is. Well, sorry love you'll only see it when you come home from work tomorrow. Hihihi. (evil grin) I love you so much, Bie!:) Thank you for everything you've done for me and Athan. More years to come!

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  1. Oh wow that is so sweet of him,
    luv how u call each oder:D
    , very cute;)
    happy 26th monthsarry ..
    more luv to c0me:D

  2. Happy 26th month to you and Gersh! :) You guys are so cute!!

  3. awww happy 26th to you guys! I see a lot of effort put into the banner haha soo cute :)

  4. Happy 26th :> Kainggit. Hehehe. Stay in love :) More years to come .. :)

  5. So sweet. Happy 26th to both of you. What's your gift for him? hihi

  6. SWEET LOVE! :)) Grabe ha. Pang ialng blog entry na ba to na sinbihan ko ng sweet love. hihi ;)) andami inlove ngayun ah ~

    WOW. efoort si BF. Super cute naman ng ginawa nya. hihi :))

  7. i wish you two happiness! i am so happy for you achie :) :)


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