by - April 21, 2010

I am officially TWENTY ONE years old and in 2 hours my day would be finally over. All I can say is it was spent well. I loved every minute of it. There are some things I wish I could add to it but with all the love I received today I couldn't be any happier. Let me share why my birthday turned from blues to happiness---

  • Since 12 midnight I already received tons of greetings on Facebook, Text message, Twitter and Formspring and even right this very minute I'm still thanking people for remembering or taking the time to greet me on this special day.

  • When I got home from school today I asked Athan if he can say, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMY!" But I really wasn't expecting him to say anything because he would usually ignore long words or say something else, but he said it. He said, "HAAAAAPPY MOMMY!!" Not exactly complete but he surely made my day and he kept repeating it throughout the day!:)
  • Aside from that, I now have a new online store to keep me busy. I figured that KnickKnaxx was not getting as much feedback as I want it to, plus it was starting to get lame. It was a good stepping stone but I figured it was time to move on and have a site that would cater more to my original works. My new baby is called, OH ARTSY. And I'm proud to say that I was productive enough to create and finish my 1st collection. :) I hope you, guys can check it out! Here's the Teaser---

  • When I got to my last class today which was ORGACOM the whole class sang Happy Birthday to me. Even though it sounded like they were singing like someone died, it was still good. :) First time in College did I experience my class singing me a Happy Birthday, so that's something to be thankful for. *Thanks a lot, Kevin!=p Ikaw ang salarin!*
  • After Class I headed to Megamall to buy my birthday cake, some food and meet up with Gersh. When I finally met up with Gersh he showed me his first birthday gift to me, which was really cute because it's pink! (Bias much?) But yes, it is cute. I'm fond of cute looking cupcakes and you can't help but just admire it, plus I got a nice card along with it too. :)

  • And for the finale, I blew out my candle. I forgot to make a wish though. I was so engrossed in blowing it that I forgot I should have made a wish but still it's not too late right? I'll make one after this. Haha!---( I paused, Okay I'm done with my wish!(:)
Again, Thank you so much for the people who greeted me. I really feel super loved with all the greetings. Turning 21 wasn't so bad after all. :) Now, I can't wait to face a new year in front of me. May this year bring more happiness, success, and love. Thank you, Mom for my mini celebration and most of all to God for giving me another year to enjoy my life. Good bye, 20 and hello 21..Live it up!

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  1. Happy birthday ava! :) glad it was a blast! :)
    the cupcake does look cute! :)

  2. Achie I'm so sorry I was not able to greet you. I'm not aware... But then again, it's better late than never, right? So belated happy birthday! I guess it was not much of a loss forgetting to make a wish before blowing the candles. I think you're happy with the way things are ;) You are really blessed, and again, belated!! :)


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