Just me and you

by - June 10, 2010

I watched SATC with Gersh today and I guess for the both of us it brought back so many memories, when Carrie started getting confused with what she wanted, when she kissed Aiden and told Big. Gersh and I could relate to their predicament. We went through the same problem, only our was a longer stage of hurt. I have been stubborn and selfish during those times. I didn't see how good of a man I had in front of me. How the others would never compare to him. I guess it is true that you never fully learn to appreciate what you have till it's gone. Luckily for me we also had a Carrie and Big ending. Well, minus the marriage part (not yet...). Like Big, Gersh still loved me more despite my huge mistake. He stayed because he believed in us and now the NEW me realized that nothing can get better than this. This is where I am meant to be. No where else and with no one else. I love him so much and I thank God for helping us to be stronger and taught us this lesson on how to never give up and appreciate each other more. All I know from here on out is that I love him so much.

I hope people don't get too judgmental on my entry. People make mistakes and in the end we realize what's right from what's wrong. That's what makes us better people. We improve and appreciate more. I am content and happy where I am now. KTNXBYE.

Bie, you are a wonderful man. I don’t know what I did to deserve such a man like you. You love me despite my mood swings, my stubborn ways, when I shop like there’s no tomorrow, when I’m mad you do anything to make me talk, you loved me even though I can be childish and most especially you STILL loved me in spite of the BIGGEST fault I have ever done to you.

Thank you so much for being the man I once knew before, the man I fell for. You never changed and I’m so happy that you never did. Most men change after being together for months or after so much, but you, you stayed true and loving. And I love you more for that.

I just want to let you know that I vow you are the only man I would love. I will be faithful to you and never let you down again. That’s a pinky promise.

You make me happy and you’re the only one I can truly be myself with. I have never found a man that has accepted and loved me more than you do. You are so filled with love and I hope I could give the same love as you do.

I love you so much, Bie. Always remember that. This is just a short note to tell you that. Words are simply not enough to express how thankful I am for having you. All I can say is Thank you so much and I really can’t wait to be Mrs. Zabat someday.

Love, A♥

"Me and you. Just us two."-Carrie (SATC)

Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate.- Carrie (SATC)

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  1. It's true that we all learn from the mistakes we make in the past. It's a way for us to know that we are human and vulnerable and ultimately there is an opportunity for us to learn and to move on from the past and to grow. Your entry was so sweet. All the best for the two of you. :)

  2. This is really sweet sis :) I wonder when my own Big will come. ;)I am happy for the two of you :)

  3. so sweet... well me and my boyfriend more of can relate on the first SATC. he was bragging me about having simple wedding in the future.hahaha


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