Long walks, Squid balls and canvases

by - July 24, 2010

Whenever Gersh and I go to San Miguel by the bay located at Mall of Asia, we always end up having long walks by the bay, eat squid balls maybe a fruit shake and then after, we have these talks about life and the past. I treasure times like those because it makes me feel how deep our connection really is. You know how all of us has a certain someone we can tell and spill everything to, someone you always run to when you're hurt or troubled and the person you realized you can't live without. Gersh is that to me. He's more than a boyfriend, he's also my confidant and best friend. We're not a perfect couple. We fight and get annoyed with each other, but no matter what happens, we know we'll unfailingly have each other. :)

Okay, time to release the bad news. I didn't do very well on my canvas bag. I think I got overly excited about the whole decorating thing that I forgot to plan out on how I wanted it to turn out. :( I'm disappointed, but there's not reason crying over spilled milk, so I'll probably get a new one and this time plan on it better. Lesson learned; Never be too excited. Plan!

This weekend has been a good stress buster from last weeks midterms. Tomorrow Mom's finally going to cook Risotto for us and I can't wait. I'm sure it'll be NOMNOM! I hope you all are having a great weekend as well. Make the most of it!:)

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  1. i really "envy" your love life! :D hihihi! ang cute niyo together :) Reading your cook fest entry, grabe i looove food wee! :)
    and yes, fail art projects are ok! :)there's always next time hihi!


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