Bonding with the family X Airport

by - May 01, 2011

It was my last day in Manila yesterday and of course I had to spend that day with my family. :) After Aranaz, we all went to my Uncle's resto at The Cruise and had dinner there, then strolled around the bay with my boys. :)

Eating his favorite pasta, Carbonara!

My boys! I'm going to miss family day for 3 weeks, but most especially, cuddles with my hubby!:)
Also, I think it will take some time before I take an OTD or at least not that consistent, because Gersh is my official OTD photographer. Maybe, i'll try to ask my Mom. hihi!:">

[neon green top: mango | blazer: lmm | shorts: lmm | sandals: charles & david | bag: marc by marc jacobs | necklace: +ruckus]


This is how some of the Taxi here looks like!:) Tempted to put my head out and scream, "I'M ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!" haha! Joke!=P
Today, our flight to Taiwan was as early as 7:20 AM and arrived in Taipei around 9:45 AM. :) It was incredibly early that we had a lot of time in our hands to go out after leaving our luggage at home. First we went to Mitsukoshi Mall to buy my new baby!!:) My late birthday gift! It's not with me yet cos they still have to get stock, but within this week, hopefully I can get it and show you, guys!:) I'm really excited!^_^ Thank you so much to my mom!!

After that we went to Costco to get some grocery for me and Athan. :) Pretty tired now, but I really can't wait to tell you more about my trip! Oh and today's my mom's birthday! Blog soon! Btw, if you want me to blog about something in particular (fashion, stores, food, tourist spots, etc.) or simply anything here in Taiwan just drop me a line on my FORMSPRING or comment! Taiwan's my second home, so I can tour you guys via blog!:)

Have a great weekend!!!

x A.F.A

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  1. it's your 2nd home?? wow kaya pala you mentioned "leaving our luggage at home" -- i thought nagkamali and it was supposed to be "hotel" :D anyway, have a nice trip, ava! i'd love to see photos of taiwan :)

  2. Have fun at Taiwan Ava! :) Take Care!

  3. uy magkapareha kami ni athan ng favorite pasta!
    cant wait to see taiwan through your eyes!

  4. Aw you're in Taiwan already! I remember I got interested in your blog because of your entries about your vacation there! Hahaha it's been so long! :)) Have fun there! :D

  5. athan looked so cute in the first photo and too bad you had to be away from him for three weeks. i even miss my sister if she goes out of town for her school org.

    excited for your adventures while in taiwan.
    have a good weekend, ava! :)

  6. Athan is so big na.. Kelan ko lang siya ba huling nakita? Parang biglang laki siya.. Hehe.. I miss you and the girls.. Sorry haven't been showing up to any events because alam mo naman.. Sinusulit ang time with Zee.. See you when you get back.. Cant wait to see what your birthday gift is. :) Have fun!

  7. have fun ava! can't wait to see more pics! i really really love that blazer, such a steal :)

  8. Hi Ava! I didn't go to Taiwan but my dad is based there. :) Would love to go there soon though! Looking forward to see your vacay photos! :D


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