Grey and Purple

by - June 25, 2011



For my OTD, I wanted to wear the top that my fellow blogger and friends, Jen and Kai gave me for my birthday. Thanks again girls!! I super adore the cut-ripped effect of the sleeves and the sequined grey pocket, which gave me the idea of combining purple with my favorite pair of grey trousers from Oxygen. I also used my purple bracelets and statement purple necklace from SM Accessories to add a classy feel to the outfit. Thank you for this beautiful piece, SM!:)



To evade being too purple, I wore my blue platforms. :)


[ top: gift from jen & kai | trousers: c/o oxygen | bag: aldo | necklace: c/o sm | platforms: ichigo | bracelets: gift and charmed life ]

I thought the rain wouldn't stop anymore, but luckily it did today and what a great way to start the weekend with my family. I even got the chance to have my outfit shots taken outside!^_^

So, today we went to Makati Med to have my eyes checked. As some of you know, when I was still in Taiwan, I experienced an irritation on my left eye and couldn't bear to wear contacts, so I had it checked and after a few medications, it's finally getting better! Yey for that!:)

After MMC, we went to Glorietta to have our treat from Gersh, because he finally got his well deserved raise!:) Praise God! When we got to the mall, believe it or not, Gersh and Athan were able to get something, but I didn't. Haha! I don't know what's wrong with me today. I didn't see anything that I fancied. I told Gersh that i'll just skip and maybe try next time. :) 

I was a bit sad that I didn't get anything, but at the same time I was proud. For once, I didn't want to shop and I actually didn't buy anything out of impulse. I hope this attitude of mine continues!:) Anyhoo, at least our trip to Landmark wasn't a total fail, because we got to try, CHATIME!


We got the Pearl Milk Tea and I had 30% sugar. I liked it, but I still remain to love Gong Cha more. :)

Tomorrow's Sunday and I can't wait to spend another day with my family, but this time at home. Hubby's going to cook for me!:") Happy Sunday, everyone!!

x A.F.A.

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  1. I love how muted the colors are!

    x sPam of frou-frou

  2. Love the shoes.=)

    Nadin of

  3. Your top is too cute!! And shoes are lovely <3

  4. cute top the details. and yes, I am now a lover of milk tea because of you and Lloyda.

    btw, I don't know if it's new or i just noticed it now but I love the new clip of you and Athan. paulit ulit ko pinapanuod. so cute!!!

  5. You're making me want to buy those shoes! LOL

  6. the sleeves on that top is rocking! :D

  7. love the colors of this outfit! your shoes are amazing! :)

  8. cute! i love purple and grey together. they complement each other so well

  9. i love the detail of the sleeves! and oh, i like the new header!

  10. I love your time! Chatime is yummy too :)

  11. I super love love this outfit Ava! I covet your ripped top and those trousers! Plus you're making me wanna try out "flatforms" haha. Love it! :)

  12. Ava! your platforms. i love it

  13. Alam mo beb I really love your style evolution :) Keep it up! :) Miss you already!

  14. love the details on ur sleeves ava! =)


  15. I think this is your best outfit so far! :)

  16. love the colors. something i'd wear! :)

  17. I love everything about this outfit Ms. Ava! especially the bag and the shoes! <3

  18. it's really been awhile since i've blog walked and i just noticed the new blog header. it's so adorkable and love the outfit in this post. i want your shoes and glad to know your eye's getting better.

    have a happy sunday, ava! :)

  19. awww :( I have a very poor eyesight too :/ good thing yours is getting better now! <3

    ps: i love your platforms!

  20. Cute outfit Ava! Love your top!


  21. Loving the whole outfit!!! :-)

  22. sure! glad you liked it! :) love how you wore it. nice combination! great shoes. i want flatforms too!! :)


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