Sunday's Best!

by - June 26, 2011

Spent a productive Sunday with the family at MoA and at home today! I actually don't mind that I have class again tomorrow, because I had a great weekend with them. :)






[top and vest: taiwan | shorts: lmm | feather earring: maris online | necklace: trinkets royale | shoes: ichigo]

We went to MoA this afternoon to hear mass and give thanks to God for all the sweet blessings we've been getting. We also had our favorite pearl milk tea at Gong Cha. :)





Gersh and I are such milk tea addicts, so it's unavoidable to try every milk tea store we see. I still have Serenitea, Moon Leaf, Happy Lemon and Bubble tea to try out!=P

We also went shoe searching (parang soul searching lang haha!), because my attempt yesterday at Makati was fail. Fortunately at MoA, after dropping by at least 4 stores I finally ended with this baby...


I really love these wedges, because the print reminds me of Nine West's, Blanca wedge espadrilles, which I covet so much!

This is quite pricey, so having the next best thing already makes me happy. :) Thank you to my uber thoughtful and sweet Hubby for my new shoes!

When we got home, Gersh cooked some cheesy spam omelette for me and it was really good! So blessed to have a partner who works hard and also knows how to cook. ;)



Father and son at work!

I guess that pretty much sums up my awesome weekend with the family. :) Hope you all had a great one too! 

Oh BTW, I finally saw our Close Up commercial from Bloggers United!^_^ I feel SO giddy seeing us on TV!=P Thank you, Close up! I've been using Close Up White Now for months and I like it! You can see the commercial on ETC and Jack TV. If you've seen it, let me know!;)

Have a happy week ahead!

x A.F.A.

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  1. adorable shoes! I want one too! I feel like we have the same taste on shoes! haha And I love your top and vest too! <3

  2. Hi, Ava! I'm a milk tea/ nai cha addict too. As in super! Like, I can drink that everyday. I'll let you know once Serenitea in Burgos Circle opens so you can finally try it! The one in Toast Box is good, too! No pearls, though. Tea Delite is good as well! Anyway, lovely shoes!!! See you soon. :)

  3. father n son pic is priceless !!


  4. i looove milk tea too! i think on a good day, i could have two. if im not mistaken, thats the one i tried in sg and it's yuuuum! family days are always the best :)

  5. wow! sweet! my boy refuses to buy me shoes. there's a pamahiin ata na mag break kami if he does. excuses. hahahaha...cute wedges!!!

    and inggit with your milk tea. been wanting one the whole day.

  6. I like the picture of Athan helping out in the kitchen. :)

  7. I am a milk tea addict. I think it's the reason i've been gaining weight. haha.

    Those shoes are gorgeous!

  8. awww uber fun day indeed! Happy milk tea and pretty pretty outfit <3

  9. Haha how cute. I LOVE gong cha too.. Your son has the cutest ears :)

    <3 Belly B

  10. Pretty ava! :) and that cute ichigo shoes I've been eyeing on haha!

  11. spam + cheese = LOVE! cute wedges too :)

  12. sweet hubby.It really feels good to have a partner who cooks for you no?hehe.I love the color and style of your new shoes ;)

  13. I super love your necklace and new shoes, Ava! :) Cute din ni Athan pati ni Gersh.. dad and son moment talaga! <3

  14. you always looks cute on your outfits, I'm a new follower ;)

  15. you look EXTRA pretty with your hair tied back :)

    p.s. your gong cha pictures makes me want to run and get me some NOW. lol :P


  16. family bonding is always the best :) love your outfit Ava

  17. Am a shoe addict =)) Love your post, following this gorgeous girl


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