AQC: A declaration of love to nature and the sense of smell

by - November 01, 2011

When I came home from Fashion week last Saturday night, I was very surprised and touched at the same time when I saw this beautiful basket with flowers, a bottle of AQC perfume and a personalized letter from Prestige Brands Philippines Inc. :)


I think this has got to be one of the best package that I've received. It's too beautiful!


My first reaction when I saw the Acqua Colonia bottle was it looked like an old school bottle of alcoholic drink. I think its pretty cool. :)

So what is AQC? "It is the first selective launch under the 4711 umbrella brand and a creation from the 4711 'Traditionhaus' located in Cologne's Glockengasse. 4711 stands for the very highest quality, a long and successful history and outstanding expertise in perfumery. Inspired by the beauty of nature, five extraordinary and pleasant fragrances are born, each set apart from the other by their individual characters."

As mentioned above, AQC has five scents and I got the Royal Riesling. I've only been using this for two days and yet I've already been getting nice feedbacks on how it smells so good and I would have to agree on that. Once you spray Royal Riesling on you can't help but smell a cheerful fragrance. It gives you this euphoriant effect and I guess it's because of their tribute to the Riesling grape. Trivia: It is the queen of white wine grapes and is considered to be the most precious type in the world.

What I personally love about AQC is that their scent doesn't make me dizzy. I'm very particular with my perfumes/colognes. I refuse to use any that has a fruity and overpowering scent because it hurts my nose and I have sinus so that's a big NO-NO. I am loving the subtle and cheerful scent of Royal Riesling. Definitely a breath of fresh air! Without bias, it is my favorite perfume right now. :)

Here are the different scents of AQC and price...
Lemon & Ginger Eau de Cologne Splash and Spray  170 ml  PHP 2,500.00 
Vetyver & Bergamot Eau de Cologne Splash and Spray 170 ml  PHP 2,500.00 
Royal Riesling Eau de Cologne Splash and Spray    170 ml     PHP 2,500.00 
Melissa & Verbena Eau de Cologne Splash and Spray  170 ml   PHP 2,500.00 

 Thank you so much to Marla Cabahug and Prestige Brands Philippines Inc. for this wonderful gift!:) 

x A.F.A.

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  1. what an awesome gift, babe! i'd love to come home to that for sure:) and yeah i heard the RR is really nice:)


  2. Everything's just sooooo pretty! :DDDD


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