SHOP TO LOVE: Bell Charms!

by - May 31, 2012

Last Sunday after watching Michael Cinco for Bench, I headed over to the Superb Bazaar which was also at SMX to visit a few of my friends who had booths there and my awesome sponsors!:)

One of the booths I got to visit was, BELL CHARMS by Ms. Annabel Montenegro and she is just one of the nicest and creative lady, I have ever  met, along with her 3 wonderful daughters. :)

Judging by the pictures, you can already see how crafty they are with their beads and materials. They have bracelets, necklaces, rings and they're made from various stuff.

May you love tassel or fabric materials, they have it for you!

I'm a huge fan of handmade things, so seeing their fabric accessories was love at first sight.:)

If you want something quirky or even accessories you can wear at special events, they also have some choices you might fancy...

Lovely stones. :)

Ms. Annabel with her gorgeous daughters...

Ms. Annabel along with her daughters design the accessories. :)

Thank you again, Bell Charms for sharing with me your creative works and for being so nice! More power!

x A.F.A.

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  1. ahhhhhhhh!! look at those gorgeous accessories!!!!!! xp xp
    want those stuffs so bad hehehe ^^

  2. Love Bell Charms talaga!! :) Great to see you last Sunday, babe! Missed youuu ♥



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