We're 5 years old!

by - June 15, 2012

There was a bumpy time in our relationship that I bet we both thought, "will we make it?" or even get the old spark back to our relationship. As the years went by and past experiences also occurred in our life, I realized that it doesn't only take spark or spark isn't enough to keep what we have alive. It takes more than that. It takes courage, a lot of patience, a strong love and faith to keep it going. You have to believe in each other and know that no matter what, that person will be there for you through thick and thin. For better or for worse. I thank God that he gave me a great man to love and to love me back. :)

Last, Tuesday (June 12), Gersh and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. For our anniversaries, we usually celebrate it simply by going to the mall and eating at our fave resto, Sbarro. :) But for this year, Gersh treated us to Star City!

This was quite unusual since we don't celebrate in an extravagant way, but I'm happy we did something different this year. :)

We tried a couple of fast rides, but Gersh gets dizzy easily, so we went for the much subtle but fun attractions, like bumper cars, bumper boat, dragon express, blizzard and more. We also tried Lazer Blaster and it just gave us adrenaline rush! We were running around this soldier-like area. It was my first time and I wanna do it again! Our team even won!:)

One thing we obsessed about at Star City was the food. Lots of concessionaire stands and our favorite was the dried pusit. Good good!

Before we ended our day at Star City, we tried out, Doctor Fish! It's similar to the one at Manila Ocean Park, only the fishes at Star City are much bigger!

Parang pwede ng pang-ulam!=P This lasts for a good 20 minutes for Php 56 each. :)

I had a great anniversary and I'm glad I have Gersh in my life. I love you!:) More years to come!

x A.F.A.

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  1. happy anniv to you two :) more blessings to come :)


  2. Awww! Congratulations again to the power couple! :)

  3. The first paragraph is so touching. You're both lucky to have each other. Congratulations and happy anniversary to you! :)

  4. belated happy anniversary!! :) more blessings to come and more years to count too


  5. awww sweeeet!!! Congratulation and happy anniversary (^_^)

  6. Happy anniv again to both of you! Ganun talaga in relationships, sometimes we go through a rough patch but that's normal! As long as you strive hard to love and care for each other, you will get through it, kahit paulit ulit pa.. ;) More power to you guys! :D

  7. This is beautiful! Happy anniversary to the two of you - that's amazing that you have been with your special one for five years now. :)

    Also, that dried pusit looks scrumptious! :)

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  8. Ang cute ng date niyo Ava! More power to the two of you!

  9. awww you're indeed lucky to have him, and him to have you as well! :)

    natawa naman ako sa fish, ang laki nga!!! :P


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