Instagram Diary # 5

by - September 22, 2012

Another Instagram post! All the pictures that i'll be posting today is how my Saturday went. :) I thought instead of taking pictures from my Canon camera, I would just go for Instagram. Addict much?=P

Anyhoo, when I woke up this morning, I saw that I received a package from Xend and upon opening it, I finally got my prize from The Googly Gooeys x Nestle Ice Cream giveaway!^_^ I won the Php 500 GC's and I totally agree that this is a "gift of happiness!" Especially that I'm pregnant and craving for sweets!;)
Thank you, Tipsy and Ponggo!

Next package that I got today was a gift from Gersh. :) 
My old panda wallet that I've been using for quite sometime now, retired two weeks ago and it isn't really my thing to use big wallets or the typical ones with card holders, space for bills, pictures, etc. So, when Gersh said he wanted to get me a new one, I opted for this cute Wanderlust-tiffany blue purse from Fab Manila. Love it! Thank you, Bie!:-*

My outfit for today!
I know, I said I refuse to go for maternity wear, but I guess when you're gonna pop in 2 months time and eating like a piggy, you just can't help but end up in one! Hence, my first OTD in maternity wear. =P My cheeks are so getting bigger. :))

Saturday means family day, so we alloted this day for the baby's 3D ultrasound and while waiting for our turn at In My Womb, Athan and I had a little Mother and son moment. 
My boy is getting bigger! Ready to be big brother soon! But you'll always be Mommy and Daddy's baby. :)

Look who's yawning!!^_^
Among all the shots taken today from the 3D ultrasound, this was the one that tugged our heartstrings. :") He yawned for us and it was just too cute! We can't wait to see you, Bubs!!

Whenever we go out, we try to get Athan a little something if he's been a good boy and lately, this is what the father and son have been bonding on...
Mini Gundams! Cute!^_^ You can find these in any Toy Kingdom. :)

Tried finding a strap for the Hubby's gadget today and we saw these at Glorietta. :) They were hard to resist, so the Hubby got the Ninja one for himself and also added the little ducky for me. Sweet!
Ducky and Ninja love...

And before I end this post, here's a picture of me and the hubby with our big cheeks! hehe. :))

I love family days. :) 

How about you? How did your Saturday go?:) Hope it was also a happy one! 

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  1. AWWW!!! The baby's yawning. Kinilig din ako. :"> I'm extremely excited for you, Ava! Your family's so blessed to have each other. :)

    Arnie Villanueva

  2. wow, you're baby looks really cute.
    i hope he'll be a healthy baby.
    congrats to you Ava! :D


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