My perfect weather

by - January 26, 2014

Hello blogging world! I'm still alive!=P I know I haven't been a very good blogger since I haven't been updating a lot or like I used to. But for a valid reason and that's because Athan's cousin is back from the land down under for a short vacation and we wanna make the most out of their stay here. They've done sleepovers and today they had an awesome playdate!:)

As for my non-family life, I've been busy with school and did some pull-outs for work. I haven't been going to events lately cos of being busy. I must admit I miss my social life…*cries* :( I can't wait to get back on the wagon. Soon I shall! For now, here's what I wore last Saturday. 

 photo IMG_2537_zps1607b915.jpg
 photo IMG_2536_zps12fbf54a.jpg

I love the colour of my outfit. It just gives out such a cheerful vibe, don't you agree?:) I believe whatever we feel really shows on what we wear. I usually dress up according to my mood. When I feel lazy, expect me to be in a shirt and shorts. When I'm sad or angry, some dark colours will be visible and I won't even care what my hair looks like. But of course when I'm happy, this is one example of how I'd look. :) How about, guys? Do you also dress up according to what you feel that day?:)

Speaking of my happy outfit, I am in love with my new bag. It's so spacious and even if I have so many things in it, it doesn't really go bulgy/ swell up. Not to mention this is my first white bag. ^_^

 photo IMG_2534_zps21fb8c6a.jpg

top: american eagle
skirt: paradise treats
bag: missmemaysonline
sandals: topshop

May I just say that I love the weather since January started? It's the perfect combination of sunny yet cold. I wish this would never end!
Well, a new week is upon us. Wishing you all a great week ahead!


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  1. Pretty!! I love the outfit color combination <3 and the sandals is sooo cute!!! I love eeetttt :)


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