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by - April 02, 2014

Have you ever experienced wanting to listen to the same song over and over that you can't help but want to share it with your friends as well? I know I do! But aside from that, I also love listening to music whenever I want to relax or even when I blog. It just gives me a calming feeling and helps me think better. :) 

Last week, I received a package that surely got my passion for music all excited and the package itself made me curious on what Coca-Cola and Spotify had in store.

I discovered through this gift pack that Coca-Cola has partnered with the world's leading online music streaming service Spotify to give Coca-Cola fans first dibs access for free! Spotify can provide you with over 25 million songs! Can you believe how much songs I could listen to in a day??^_^

I actually got my own Coca-Cola/Spotify account already the other day. :)

And you too get your own account! Just send an e-mail to with the e-mail subject, Coca-Cola Spotify. You'll receive an e-mail auto reply that contains a unique code and link to the registration page to download Spotify on your desktop. :)

With Spotify, you can browse through songs sorted by genre, mood, themes, song, or artist, Spotify users, and playlists! You can even find friends who share the same taste in music as yours.

Check out my very own Spotify account, thanks to Coca-Cola!:) I already made a playlist of the songs I want to listen to. Yey!:) Download it now, so we can share music to each other!

If you want to share your Coca-Cola Spotify content, you can use the hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.



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