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by - July 24, 2017

The Japanese culture can be found in almost all places in Manila. You can easily dine at Japanese restaurants, you can buy stuff like Sanrio here and so much more. That's why it wasn't hard for my friends and I to come up with a group before called 'Japan in Manila!' :) We haven't had the time to meet up in the past, but recently, because of Shangri-La Plaza's "Everything Japanese" month long festival! ^_^

To commemorate the 61st annual Filipino-Japanese friendship month with a roster of exciting activities and exhibits that bring two distinct cultures together, Shangri-La Plaza lets us get a taste of everything Japan this July! :)

Last weekend, my Japan in Manila friends and I already got the chance to drop by Shang and experience all things Japanese! The mall itself was designed to let you feel like you're in Japan with the Fushimi Inari Shrine's famous Torii, red lanterns, kimonos and cosplayers!

We also got the opportunity to watch the highly anticipated Eiga Sai film festival, which is celebrated its 20th anniversary with a line-up of award-winning Japanese films of different genres! :)

The particular one we watched was The Anthem of the Heart and it had major hugot! >_< Haha! The shows at Shang already ended last July 16, but you can still catch it at other places like UP Diliman this August! ^_^ Click >>HERE<< for more details!

There are more fun things to expect at Shang's Everything Japanese festival from today till July 25!

Visit Shangri-La Plaza's Facebook for more information and updates! :)

Another Japanese thing that you should keep your eye on is Bioré!

Bioré is Japan's no.1 make-up remover and nowadays we all have our own preference when it comes to putting on makeup. Some like it sheer, light, heavy or even waterproof make-up! But no need to worry about getting all the gunk of your face, because Bioré has the perfect variant for you! :)

Bioré Micellar Water

If wash-off cleansers aren’t up your alley, it’s good to consider a wipe-off make-up remover that still works on heavy and waterproof make-up.

Bioré Micellar Water is a wipe-off make-up remover that gently but effectively dissolves make-up.  But don’t let its gentle formula fool you. The Bioré Micellar Water is one tough cookie, and can take most of what you need to take off in just one swipe. Those who like to wear medium and heavy coverage makeup can use this if they want a gentle cleansing routine that won’t irritate the skin. Plus, it is available in a travel-size 90gm bottle that is easy to bring with you when out travelling the world.

They have two kinds - Moist up and Oil Control! :)

Bioré Cleansing Oil | Bioré Uru Uru 2-in-1 Instant Foaming Wash | Bioré Cleansing OIl Cotton Facial Sheets

Bioré Cleansing oil is the best bet for those who want to get rid of the make up as gently as possible. It is a wash-off make-up remover effectively dissolves and removes heavy make-up, even waterproof mascara, while lifting away dirt and impurities. And unlike typical oil-based make-up removers, Bioré Cleansing oil does not emulsify with water, thus maintaining its optimal cleansing performance at all times.

Cut down the double cleansing step with Bioré Uru Uru 2-in-1 Instant Foaming Wash.  With its ultra-fine foam, this two-in-one wash removes light make-up and sunscreen from the skin surface and penetrates deep into pores to remove all dirt, impurities, and make-up residue.

Bioré Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets are available two pack sizes and are convenient enough to bring around. You can cleanse, exfoliate, and refresh your  face instantly to give way to healthy-looking, clean, and glowing skin.

Putting on makeup is definitely fun, but always remember that cleansing is the first step in skincare, so be sure to always remove your make-up to keep that healthy-looking skin! :) With the number of make-up remover variants that Bioré has, it wouldn't be hard to find the perfect cleanser for you!

I'll be giving away some Bioré products on my Instagram soon! Stay tuned for that!  :)

Visit https://www.facebook.com/BiorePH/ for more information!

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