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by - July 05, 2017

When traveling, I love taking photos of almost anything and everything that I see - a stunning sunset, a breathtaking view, group photo with my friends and even my OOTD at a cool location! But wouldn't it be nice if we could capture every angle in just one shot? :) That's the beauty of the Insta 360 camera! It can do just that and all you need is your mobile device and your set! ^_^

Last week, my blogger friends and I went on a little field trip to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar with Digital Walker and we got to test the amazing features of the Insta 360!

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a resort located in Bataan that can take you back to 18th-century Philippines with their beautiful heritage houses. :) Would you believe they have over 50 houses there?? Each house came from different parts of the country and were reconstructed at Las Casas brick by brick! Truly amazing!

I've always wanted to go to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar because of its breathtaking view! The place is so Insta-worthy! Just looking at the photos online already got me curious, so super thankful that Digital Walker planned this wonderful day + the perfect location to use our Insta 360!

It took us 2 and a half hours to get to Bataan from Quezon City, so while on the bus, Ana and I already started unboxing our respective Insta360 cams! ^_^

Before anything else! A lovely lunch with Team Digits, Bridges PR and fellow bloggers! :)

Nowadays, taking photos and sharing them on social media is so easy with the available technology that we have and things just keep getting easier thanks to modern advancements! With just a smartphone, you can make memories last longer by turning it into a mini DSLR with the use of clip lenses, apps, and filters. A great new addition to that is the Insta360! A device that helps you up your social media game by making it possible to take 360-degree photos and videos of your travels and adventures! Bloggers and Vloggers will love this! ^_^ 

The Insta 360 camera is super handy and easy to use! Just download the Insta360 App on Google Play or Apple Store and once you have that, directly plug in your Insta360 cam and you're good to go! ;)

After our lunch, we had a very relaxing balsa tour that took us on cruise around Las Casas...

Hello from our side of the Balsa!

The other Balsa! :)

My favorite field trip and photo buddy, Anagon! ^_^ Thank you for taking me on this trip with you!

And here's where we all started to test our Insta 360!

The Insta 360 has four view settings: Default, Perspective, Little Planet and Crystal Ball. This one in particular is the Little Planet! :) With this cam, I don't miss out on any of my friends! Like this Balsa photo, everyone was captured! :)

After our Balsa tour, we all headed to a Heritage Walk tour and learned what makes each casa unique. Word of advise, wear slippers or slip-on sandals, because they will require you to take off your footwear when you enter the houses. :)

BTW, Las Casas isn't just a place to tour, but they also have accommodations! You can rent some of their casas! A nice place to stay with family or friends if you want to get away from the city life for a bit. You can check more about their facilities/rooms or packages >>HERE<<

Our tour guide Ms. Eva! :)

Every corner is picture-worthy! Ave availing just that! Hehe! Go girl!

With Rod, Rodel and Ana! Double Rs and Double A! haha!

When we finished our Heritage Walk tour, Ana and I went on our little adventure and explored the beauty of Las Casas on our own. :)

Where they shot the famous Heneral Luna movie scene :)

You can easily share your 360-degree content to friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger - directly from the app interface. :) I've posted on Facebook twice and it's really cool cos the image also rotates on its own when you view it!

With the amazing features of the Insta 360 cam, you can let people experience the world around you by easily transporting them to places and moments just by looking at your photos. Being able to capture every angle makes a lot of difference! You can #CaptureYourReality!

Another Little Planet 360 view of Ana and I on the bridge of Las Casas! ^_^ One of my fave photos!

Outfit change and one last 360 degree shot of Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar before we left! :)

This trip is definitely one for the books! Thank you so much, Digital Walker and Bridges PR!

Insta 360 is now available at all Digital Walker stores!

Insta 360 Nano - Php 12,990

Insta 360 Air - Php 6,990

For more information, visit :)

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