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by - October 12, 2017

When I started my life as a full-time blogger, my niche was fashion. It was where I could freely express myself in the form of my ensembles. It showed my personality and loved it! :) People were very welcoming and always supportive in my fashion blog. Which is why my love for clothes grew even more and until this very day, I still love dressing up and learned how to care for my garments, even though I am no longer a fashion blogger, but a lifestyle one. :)  Sharing why FashionCare is important!

Being a lifestyle blogger and a mom of two has changed my love for fashion over the years. If I were into fancy dressing and crazy prints back then, I am more into basics now and a minimalist girl. I tend to stock up on timeless pieces that I can use over and over again, so I always have to make sure I take care of my clothes very well, because as someone who is into classic pieces, I expect them to last me years. :)

Growing up, I would see my Mom and Grandmother do the laundry and how careful they are when it comes to making sure that each garment is washed the proper way. My Mom would always tell me to separate my whites from the heavy colored clothing, because it might stain the others. They both would always use 'nets' for extremely delicate clothes and put them in a soft or low pressured wash. 

Power dressing for me has a lot to do with how comfortable you are in what you wear, because style is how well you carry yourself. If you're 100% comfortable in your outfit, your confidence will surely shine. :) This is the main reason why I love my basics and closet staples. I can wear a blazer and feel like I can conquer the day! Or an amazing pair of jeans can jump from casual to casual chic!

Of course, taking care of your clothes has a lot to do with picking the right washing machine to do the job and the Electrolux Ultimate Care Washing Machine can do just that! :)

Here's how Electrolux Washing Machines keep your favorites looking newer for longer...

Even Rajo Laurel agrees! ;)

The Electrolux range of UltimateCare washing machines has a smart feature called Load Sensor Automation that automatically senses load weight, determines optimal washing time, water and detergent while guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency. The washing machines come with innovations that prevent fading of colors, shrinkage and misshaping. To be exact, 31% less color fading after 52 washes. The UltraMix technology gives you the results of a hot wash for better stain and dirt removal, yet uses a lower, gentler temperature. It also extends the life of your clothes with the innovative Vapor Action, which is designed to soften fabric while reducing allergens by up to 99.9%.Electrolux UltimateCare utilizes the Eco Inverter technology that offers high energy efficiency. It reduces energy consumption by 75% and save time by 44%.

With Electrolux Washing Machines, FashionCare is something we can all look forward to. Clothes that look newer for longer! :) You can learn more about it here: http://www.electrolux.com.ph/discover-electrolux/fashioncare/.♥

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  1. Ang cute ng OOTDs!!!! It's so consistent, kahit different looks, and different times! :)
    Thanks for the tips, too! <3 Iba padin talaga classic, take care nalang ng clothes para mas masulit hehe. :)

  2. Your OOTDs are super cute talaga, Ava. Love how you transitioned from being a fashion blogger to, not just a lifestyle blogger actually, but to someone your readers can also relate too. I especially adore your posts where you include your kids.

    Plus this post reminds me that husband and I are looking for a washing machine na. Haha! We're starting to check our list of appliances na. :)



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