Halloween 2017 preparations

by - October 16, 2017

Halloween is just a few weeks away and ever since becoming a mommy, it has been one of the exciting occasions to plan for when it comes to the kids. :) This is the time and the age of my boys that it is super cute seeing them dress up in costumes and the moment that they still allow me to take unlimited photos of them and take them trick or treating. ^_^ So, truly cherishing these times!

Been celebrating Halloween for a total of 8 years already and picking out costumes for both my kids has always been a breeze. :)

When it comes to Halloween, the malls never fail to give their best when it comes to decorations, candy and of course the costumes. You can find a lot in toy stores and it makes you even more excited to prepare for it, right? I personally love looking at the new adorable costumes they have for babies or toddlers! :)

But to be honest, I only usually browse at the garbs when I go around the mall, because picking out costumes has never been a worry for me when it comes to preparing for Halloween. 


When Athan was born, he was showered with a lot of love and cute/cool costumes that you can think of, thanks to my ever-spoiling mom and two sister-in-laws. :) My son Athan would often get new ones when Halloween came, so you could say that our closet has a few costumes to pull out for these types of occasions and having two boys who share the same interests, has its perks!

Athan is growing up really fast, with him being 9 years old now, he's pretty much outgrown majority of his old costumes. But I haven't thrown away or given up any of his tiny ones, because I could still pass it on to my youngest son Asher who is 4. :)

Here's a perfect example...

This was Athan circa Halloween 2011 and he was exactly 4 years old here. :) My mom sent us this Pteranodon costume in time for us to go trick or treating and it's actually one of my favorite!

Come 2017, Asher is the one who's using it now...

Asher used this during one of our museum visits and I'm really amazed how the color is still as vibrant and how it still looks as good as new. Imagine, we've had this costume for 6 years now!

The only secret that I have to garments lasting you long is the right washing detergent. Our household has always used Downy and it has been proven and tested to protect our clothes from fading in color after so many washes and with that, it helps make clothes or even costumes look new. Plus, they smell great too! :)

A new scent from Downy - Sweetheart :)

We used to use the Downy baby variant when Athan and Asher were still babies since they had sensitive skin. But now they've slowly adapted to the Downy Parfum Collection. :)

Another great thing about Asher being able to use Athan's old clothes and costumes is that, we also get to save money. :) Because we all know that kids grow up pretty fast, so it's nice to maximize each outfit and not have to buy every single year. :)

Now, you know why picking out costumes every Halloween has been easy peasy for our boys! :) Just take care of your clothes well with the right laundry soap and surely, it will be a good investment for your next kid! ^_^

With that, I wonder what these want to be for this coming Halloween? :) We'll see!

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