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by - August 10, 2019

Another year means another round of our much awaited toy event of the year - TOYCON!♥  My family and I really look forward to this. The moment we learn about the schedule of it, we already have that particular weekend reserved. :) 

For this year's TOYCON, it was held last June 28-30, 2019 and fortunately, I was able to go to Day 1  with my friends and Day 2 with my family!

Like I mentioned above, I always get so excited for TOYCON and since there are so many artists, booths and cool cosplayers to see, I really wanted to make sure that I could go to Day 1. Thankfully, my good friends Paul and Ashley were also going that time! ^_^

The first thing I did once I got to SMX was to look for Ashley and we hung out at Chichi's Kawaii PH booth before anything else. :) I also love purchasing cute stickers from Chichi!

Another thing that attracted me to the Kawaii PH booth is this cool shirt! Also what I felt after TOYCON haha! Wala akong pera! >_< I think Paul should have the other one! LOL!

After chatting with Chichi and getting a few stickers from her shop, Ashley and I went around to get first glimpse of what TOYCON had to offer this year. :)

We instantly got lured to this minimalist and pastel-themed stall that had these cool vinyl toys from different artists. I found the canary bird from Moetch Design Center super cute!! Wanted to pinch and take them home! >_< Unfortunately, they didn't have any available for sale, so I just settled for photos.♥

Saw Mother Earth's cool 'Earth Snaps' booth too by her and her boyfriend! :) I loved her Eco-friendly, paperless ways cos all photos are immediately uploaded on Facebook and you can just grab it there. ^_^

No TOYCON is ever complete without passing by my favorite store, BIG BOYS! They sell a lot of cool Funko Pops here and majority of the Pops I own, I bought from them in the past. :) This time around they offered blind bags for sale and Paul was actually eyeing a metallic one and super lucky, he got it!!

This was the same day that they released the Funko Jollibee Flocked! Literally many people flocked over this and lined up really early! I didn't get the chance to have a photo taken inside the box like last year cos there were a lot of people. So, I settled for a quick snap of Jollibee inside it! =P

Spotted STEVEN OGG from The Walking Dead!

One of the most exciting thing this year is the IMPERIAL PALACE BATMAN display! It's the biggest Batman statue in Asia! They also had mini versions of it for sale and in limited quantities - 30 to be exact! Our good friend Pauly got his very own! He particularly wanted the no.1 (each box is numbered) but the seller said there wasn't any. He was able to get no. 2 though! :) Happy!

Spotted this girl and her cutie Esther Bunny backpack!♥♥♥

My old friend from college days, Gel was also there with her cool brand Hodge Podge! If you're looking for party favors or giveaways, you can check her store out! :) 

Another favorite store of mine was Handmade by Kat! She makes these adorable amigurumis and even before the event, I already asked her to customize three keychains for me and I picked it up during TOYCON. :) You'll see some of my hauls at the end of this post. ;)

Passed by Chichi's booth again before saying goodbye and saw that she got this Spongebob Krabby Patty Wagon. I heard it was a rare find and luckily her BF got one! ^_^ CUTEEE!

And that ends my Day 1! :) Had fun going around and shopping with my blogger friends! The perks of going during the first day, since it's a Friday, most people are at work and there was only a little crowd. Glad I was able to enjoy without having to huddle my way through each stall. Day 2 was a different story! >_<

Day 2
This was a Saturday and since there's no school and the Hubby is off work, it's the perfect time to go. :) Also for many people, so this day was expected to be jam packed. >_< As usual, the boys came in their costumes to blend in with fellow cosplayers! :)

Athan came in his favorite soldier gear and Asher was a computer game ninja with his pixelated sword. ^_^ I just came as their babysitter LOL! =P

We just arrived when we fortunately saw the 501st Legion Philippine Garrison in their Star Wars gear ready to parade. :) The boys, of course, were fan-boying! It was so cool seeing the Storm Troopers going down the escalator!

Like every TOYCON, I want my boys to experience it to the fullest and I don't mind being their photographer the whole time. I find it cute when either of them would tap me and say, "Mommy, take my picture?" when they spot a cosplayer familiar to them or they found cool. :)

Athan is a HUGE fan of The Walking Dead. I remember how he was still watching it even when his Dad and I gave up on it already. =P Below is him feeling the setup!

How cool is it that Asher matched the Imperial Batman booth? A picture was in order! :)

As a fellow soldier, Athan just had to have a photo with the Cap! Also spotted on the left is Mitsuha and Taki from Kimi no Na wa (Your Name)! :)

And I think this was Big Boss from Metal Gear? This momma really doesn't know! Taga-photo lang ako ng interesting characters for them haha!

And why this little boy wanted a close up photo with Annabelle, I really don't know. >_< He wasn't scared for some reason! FYI, I don't let him watch horror movies like that. But this boy is just all brave!

More cosplayer sightings! Hello from Bro Thor and The Game of Thrones guys!

You'll never go hungry at TOYCON cos they have a lot of food stalls! Our favorite is forever Polland's roast beef! Yum! :) Hope they always have this!

We also went around to check the different booths that sold vintage toys and other cool stuff...

My eyes lit up when I saw this PEZ booth! I love the brand solely cos of its vintage roots and how they make cool merch! It has been awhile since I last bought a dispenser. But this time I got the Luna Lovegood cos it was too cute to pass! 

More vinyl toys from Secret Fresh!

So many awesome toys and knickknacks here! It's pretty much a wasteland for collectors. :) This is one of the best things in TOYCON for me and what I love doing - looking out for cool finds in each stall. :) Best thing is that, majority, you won't find in current toy stores!

The giant Pusheen was also present at TOYCON! I was a tad disappointed though that they didn't have more GUND toys. I wish they had the new designs that we rarely see in toy stores here, like Llamacorn, other variants of Pusheen, etc. :) But I guess it's better cos my pocket got saved! >_<

I was so happy to see that they had a smaller version of Soda Kats this year! I remember how sad I was last year cos the bigger version of this cost Php 3, 500 each =O (READ HERE) and I wasn't willing to shell out that much cash on one toy. This time around, I got two for only Php 600 each. YAY!

Cute character bags! I think the Eggos would make a perfect bag for Eleven! Hihi! On the left is calling out to Sailormoon fans! ;)

We dropped by the Mars Ravelo booth and the boys enjoyed a short glimpse of the new cartoon shows of our Filipino heroes. :)

Viewed the display of PinoyLUG too! It continuously amazes me how creative these collectors are at their craft! :) To make something like this out just with pieces of bricks. 

Checked out the artist alley too and I like this part cos I see rare vinyl toys that are only sold on limited quantities and you even meet the artist behind them! :)

Spotted Hariken from Japan! :) He creates these super kawaii vinyl toys and I'm hoping I can purchase a Banana Tail next time! :)

After fully covering the first floor of TOYCON, we went up to check on the displays of fellow collectors at the 2nd floor. :) As we were about to enter, we happily bumped into our good friends, Miah and Krissy who are also huge fans of toys. ^_^ Miah is a big Spiderman fan and owns a business too called SPANDEX HERO, a costuming business here in Manila. :) Do check it out!

The displays below are not for sale. They're from actual collectors and are displayed for peoples viewing pleasure. :) I captured some of my favorites out of the many there. :)

The Nimbus and Elfie are two vinyl toys that were exclusively on sale during TOYCON. I badly wanted the ice cream Nimbus but it was a tad pricey for me. Hoping next time! ^_^

Got to watch the awarding of some cosplayers too! Kudos to them for all the creative and hard work!

My favorite photo of us at the event!♥

Posting my complete haul for this year's TOYCON!

Finally, that ends our TOYCON 2019 experience! ^_^ I think this is my favorite next to 2016. :) I can't wait for next year!! Have to plan the boys' costumes again!

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  1. Such a cool event! And you have a great haul there! Love those stickers. Too bad we missed this. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Ms. Ava! We'll make sure we find time to come for the ToyCon next year.


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