Goodbye, 2019!

by - January 07, 2020

Writing this in my favorite coffee shop right now while I wait for Asher to finish his 4 hour class. I'm not really a morning person and I don't think i'll ever be, except for special occasions, like traveling, a incredibly good breakfast or quiet mornings like today, wherein I can catch up on the things I want to do. :) It has been quite a while since I last touched a keyboard with passion. More often than not, it has become purely work related and though, I love my work too, a part of me just misses 2005-2010 Artsy Fartsy Ava who blogged about just the most random things and her interest at heart. I think that's one of my biggest heartache in 2019. It dawned on me so much how I have lost touch with my love for writing. So, in 2020, I promise myself to do so much better. To try my hardest to bring back that old gusto for blogging. :)

Before I fully move on to the new decade, I just want to reflect (like I do every year) on the year that has passed and that even with challenges and struggles, there was more good in it than bad. 

I'm not the type that frequents the beach. But for 2019, I had a total of 4 and I'm not complaining! ^_^ Though I am not much of a swimmer, I do enjoy the salty breeze and a fun time under the sun with family and friends. :) 

Two of my early beach trips happened in February and fortunately that time, I was able to blog the experience with ACEA and AUREO. I'm hoping that I can still catch up with the other two that I was also equally so happy about. ^_^


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Today I was able to fulfill one of my long time wishes and that’s to host an event for children.♥️ Got to spend my 30th birthday with the community kids of Talking Hands.๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ Originally, the organization is an advocacy for deaf children but now they also cater to kids in the community and have programs for them, like martial arts, art therapy and so much more.☺️ Being able to talk, bond with the kids and hearing about their dreams in life really made my heart happy.๐Ÿฅฐ I hope more people can support communities like these cos this in turn also helps them have better lives.♥️ • — Thank you so much to @uhappyevents for helping me in making this event possible!๐ŸŽˆYou can create an event like this with them and even pick from their many beneficiaries!☺️ Also, want to thank several people – @talkinghandsph for allowing me to celebrate with you!๐Ÿงก Nothing can compare to seeing the kids’ smile!☺️ My BFFs @nixdejesus, @lesterbunchoo and my family for giving their time and spending their Sunday making the children of Talking Hands happy.☺️ • — Ending my birthday month with my heart full!♥️♥️♥️ #UHappyEvents #Celebrate #TalkingHandsPH
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Another life milestone (I guess you can call it that) in 2019 is also turning 30. But honestly, I initially dreaded the big 3-0 cos I felt like I've been in my 20s for so long that another decade is scary or aging in general is scary. When I did reach my birthday, I realized that it wasn't so bad. :) I'm blessed cos I have my family, friends and I even got to fulfill a long time birthday wish and that was to celebrate it at a charity. :) Definitely thankful to U Happy Events for helping me out on this and my best friends Nickie and Lester who gave their time for me and the kids that day. ^_^

I shared in one of my Instagram year-ender posts that I feel fortunate to have been able to travel with  different people in 2019 or even just the fact that I get to travel at all! It used to be just a dream to visit other countries with friends or the hubby. But now, they're reality. ^_^ I also get to share a yearly mother and daughter trip with my mom and it's fun that we get to visit various Asian countries lately!

For 2019, I was able to visit Chiang Mai for the first with my good friends Ana and Paul. :) They're truly the best travel buddies I could ask for and I cannot wait for our next adventure! I have yet to continuing blogging our Chiang Mai trip, but for now, here's our first day >>CLICK HERE<<<

Oh and also got to go back to Cebu for Influencity 2019! It's my second time in Cebu and I'm glad this time around, I got to explore more of it - blog soon!

For our yearly mother and daughter trip, mom and I were able to visit the beautiful city of Bangkok again! The last time was 18 years ago. :) For our last destination, we visited Kuala Lumpur for the first time and enjoyed it a lot too! I can't wait to blog about that soon!!

Last but not the least, the Hubby and I were able to go on our second trip as a couple and this time, both first timers in Hong Kong! Pure bliss! 

In 2020, I hope my bucket list of traveling will the boys (kids) via airplane will happen soon! Keeping my fingers crossed! 

Not really one to keep tabs on features but I truly do appreciate it so much when print, digital or any brand comes up to me and wants to feature or shoot me for their campaign. :) I still feel so ordinary haha that when I get picked for things like these, it's flattering. ^_^

Thankful to Baby Dove for including us in their #RealMoms campaign. Something I feel strongly about cos we're all more than our perfect feeds. We also struggle and deal with ugly days. But that's the beauty of motherhood and with this, we get to realize that all moms go through the same thing and supporting each other is one of the best ways to help each other. :)

Though I'm very shy about my body, I am not ashamed of it. Grateful to Metro Style and my love Hershey Neri ♥ for including me in their body positivity - I AM A SWIMSUIT BODY ( feature last April. I learned to be more confident and I even got to share why I believe every body type is a swimsuit body. :)

Lastly, I loved my shoot with Avent, Lazada Live and Shopee Live as well this year. All three a first for me! ^_^

Something I promised myself when 2019 began was that I would open myself up to healthier ways and one of which was working out or any form of exercise. Though, I was not as consistent as I wanted, happy to still report that I got to do 3 Barre classes, 1 wall climbing and a 2 hour hike in 2019. Not bad, me thinks! ^_^ I hope in 2020, I can actually do much more! 

To be able to work with a brand I love so much and my style icon is a dream! I remember winning Daryl Chang's first contest two years ago. But sadly the shoot fell on my trip to Korea, so I had to forfeit. I thought it was a long shot to get picked again but alas, I finally got my chance and truly a highlight of my year!

My ultimate plot twist for 2019 is definitely Lola. I never thought that we would be getting a dog so soon. Though we've always wanted one, talked about it, we felt like we weren't ready. I honestly sometimes still can't believe we have her! But we do love her with all our hearts. She's family now and I can't imagine days without her. We adopted her when she was just 2 months old and since I am completely clueless with dogs, training her was the most difficult for me. The first few weeks I had with her were tough. But I'm very thankful to fellow dog parents who cheered me on and helped me along the way with their amazing advice. :) THANK YOU, GUYS! You know who you are!

This coming July 29, 2020, she'll be 1 year old. How time flies!

Similarly to last year, I'm glad I was able to keep close connections with friends also in 2019. I got to bond and do various activities with my loves that aren't blog related. Some cool things we did was watch the SEA Games, visit museums and fan girl on different occasions. :) I especially love my random get-togethers with my bessies Ana, Ashley, Aki and Paul. ^_^ 

Another wish for 2020 is that we continue to have meet ups and always have time for each other!


 From the moment Bloggers United 1 happened, I have never missed a single BU event in my life. It has been a huge part of me and I'm glad until this day, we've remained strong. :) We've had a total of 18 BUs! Would you believe? Thankful to my hardworking bessies Pax, Ana and Paul for always a memorable experience. :)

A new one we experienced this year was the E Pop Gala! I've been invited in the past to E Bloggers Ball but never got the chance to go. This was a first for me and so glad all the friends were there + hubby too! One for the books! :)


One thing that I always want to keep constant in every year is family time. I'm happy to write that like last year and the year before that and more, I have remained true to this and got to spend equal time for us as a family and one-on-one time with the Hubby. :) I love our date nights and also our adventures/milestones with the boys. :)

My 2020 wish is for us to continue to grow forward as a family and become stronger as a couple!


Like every year, my side of the family always makes it a point to celebrate New Year with a bang cos we're NY peeps! This year, we tried doing the hotel version instead of our typical house one cos we really enjoyed it two years ago. :) 

We spent it a Diamond Hotel and happy we did! They have good food, grazing table (dun pa lang winner na!), an awesome band and fun countdown! ^_^ 

2019 was definitely a year to remember. I know I still have so much to improve on work wise, health wise, relationship wise and more, but that's why we have the New Year, right? :) To start fresh! I'm not one to go hardcore on resolutions, but I do hope (something I keep saying) that I do better in all aspects in my life. Yes, for sure there will be bumps along the way, but I'm gonna try to look at it at a more optimistic viewpoint. :) 

Slowly but surely will be my motto for this year. I want to be more consistent and present in all that I do and improve! Though it make take slowly, my goal is to get there! :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!! Let's make the new decade count!!

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