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by - January 21, 2022

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Check out these affordable and cute makeup from SANIYE. :)

SANIYE Mini Capsule Lipstick


- Velvety matte texture

- Light and airy feel

- Hydrating and long-lasting

- Comes in 6 pigmented and flattering shades

SANIYE Eyebrow Powder & Gel

Get perfect eyebrows with the Saniye’s Eyebrow Gel & powder. There are 6 different shades available, each with its own brush and compact eyebrow powder. Use the Gel to define and shape the eyebrows with the brush at an angle. Adjust the color with the powder and fill for a more natural finish.【SANIYE】2-in-1-Double-Layer-Waterproof-Eyebrow-Powde-Tattoo-Eyebrow-Gel-With-Brush-Eyebrow-Makeup-Set-M250-i.161680716.2441288852?sp_atk=dde554d5-3db3-4a4f-85f9-a252ffea886b

SANIYE Matte Liquid Lip Tint

The lip gloss L1181 includes 11 shades of matte lip color. Its long-lasting and waterproof formula will allow you to show off radiant lips for up to 24 hrs. It is quick drying, it does not leave the feeling of dry lips.【SANIYE】-High-Quality-11-Colors-Matte-Liquid-Lip-Tint-Waterproof-Lipstick-L1181-i.161680716.7549314976

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The brand has so many other interesting products to try aside from these, so do visit their official store on Shopee! Add to cart Saniye!

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