Christmas + Goodbye 2021!

by - December 31, 2021

Can we all agree that 2021 was similarly a rollercoaster like 2020? For me, it's definitely a bittersweet year. A lot has happened and personally, I just can't wait to start fresh again. But before that, let me just relive some of the past months with this post.

The start of 2021 was pretty good for me and my family. We announced last December 2020 that we were expecting our little bundle of joy in June 2021, so pretty much, my months leading up to that were filled with baby bumps and just trying to spend it happily.

We celebrated all birthdays at home mainly because of Covid-19. We want to keep everyone safe, so quarantine birthdays it is again for the second year in a row! But it's not that bad when you're with people you love. The only downside is not being able to see my Mom again. But hoping next year, we finally can. :)

We also had family milestones, like Athan graduating from grade school and moving up to high school last May.πŸŽ“πŸŽ‰ Then, finally our baby Moon was born last June.πŸ‘Ά In case you want to read up on my birthing story, it's >>HERE<< 

Oh and our doggo Lōla turned two last July 29. :)

We also finally took the boys somewhere other than their grandma's house last November and that's at Angel Field's Tagaytay (wrote about it HERE) and that was their first road trip in two years.

And along with sweet memories, there is also the bitter. We experienced a sudden death in our family. The last one was my Angkong and that was already 8 years ago. Last July my uncle died (not Covid related) and it was a sad time for us. Aside from that, it felt really lonely because I didn't have my Mom with me because it's impossible for her to come home given the pandemic. I had to bury my uncle with her through FaceTime. But at least, he's now resting beside my Angkong, his father.

I hope wherever he is now, he's in a much happier place.πŸ™

This year, we also finally got fully vaccinated. Three out of five of us got out shots and I'm so happy about this because we're somehow protected. The hubby got Sinovac, I got Astrazeneca, and last December 8, Athan completed his Pfizer.πŸ’‰ Hoping Asher can get his next year. :)

Over these past months, our Moon has grown so much. I can't believe she's already 6 months. Here are some of her monthly shoots.πŸ‘ΆπŸ’“ I look forward to doing this every single month. She's also a joy to take care of and we're all crazy about her.

Despite it being a busy year and having to stay safe at home mostly, I'm grateful to still have had the opportunity to meet my friends and bond with them. I got to attend online concerts with the, an event, and two Christmas parties.πŸŽ„ I wish we can go back to normal, wherein I get to see them often. But for now, thank you for the little moments we get to share. :)

And one of my favorite happenings for 2021 is having my very own planner cover with Mommy Mundo. :) I wrote about our collaboration here:πŸ’—

Since my Mom couldn't be home again for the holidays this year, we're spending it both with my in-laws and this is what last Christmas looked like for us.

It's Moon's first ever Christmas, so our outfit colors were based on hers. :) No material gift can ever compare to family.πŸŽ„

Before I end this post, just wanted to leave this message from MHN because it's something I relate to and you might too. :) Always believe in what's possible despite what we're going through.πŸ’œ

Goodbye, 2021. You were definitely a trip! Hoping next year will be a whole lot better for us, because we truly need a break. Praying for better days ahead too!

See you soon, 2022!🌟

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