Stik-O, Stik-O, Stik, Stik, Stik-O, Oh we love, Stik-O!

by - April 27, 2008

My day yesterday went by typically. I went to see my OBY-GYNE again for my weekly check-up to see how the baby is and how long do I still have until he pops out hiss cute little self into this world. So far from what my doctor told me, I have around a week or two until he does so, that's kinda scary and exciting for me and everyone in our household. I also gained two pounds again, I'm proud to say. 118 pounds, yo!! Haha, gaining weight for me is a blissful thing. I can't wait until I get to 120, my dream weight! Well, all I really want is to have a safe delivery and may the baby be healthy and normal when he comes out. Wish us luck and prayers are highly appreciated.=) Thanks.

Hmm, after the doctor's appointment Wubie and I went home to drop off our stuff and he treated me to a lunch date at Jollibee. I just love Jollibee's 2pcs. chicken and rice with pineapple/sarsi with Wubie.=) He's the best for spoiling me. I feel so much like, a happy kid when I'm with him. Love, love, love.

And then we had our DVD marathon on my PC. Our theme yesterday was comedy so, Wubie brought over, I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry and Rush Hour 3. I soo love the shower scene where the african american guy was singing, "I'm every woman." Supeeer funny!! from, "I know pronounce you Chuck and Larry" Too bad though, the DVD was acting up so, we weren't able to see the whole thing. Boo. Don'tcha just hate it when that happens? Perfect timing. Just when the best part comes up. Rawr. If you haven't seen this movie, I suggest you do. It's worth it.

Wubie and I also had our food trip while watching. I had two Adobo eggs which is odd for a snack, but hey, it's healthy! and Wubie, had my garapon of Stik-O's that made him addicted for more and more and more! I think, I had about 20 pieces in there and now I have around 11 left Hehe. We're both Stik-O addicts! It's really that good. Try some, people you'll know what I mean! Haha.

Well, nothing more to share! It's only 7:04 AM in the morning and nothing has happened to me on this day yet. I'll update later on the day if anything interesting comes up which I doubt!=P Boring day!! I hope you, guys have something better to do. For now, i'll nosey around about my room and wait for Wubie to wake up and text me, since no one is awake to cook me food! I know how to cook, I'm just down right lazy today. Haha. Ciao!


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