Two words, 9 letters I'm yours!

by - August 26, 2010


I adore bags as much as I adore shoes (my mother and Gersh as my witness), but a little more particular when it comes to bags. I'm more reeled towards the multi-strap kind of bags and since last year I've been drooling over Mulberry's Alexa leather satchel. I love the vintage look of the bag and how spacey it actually is. The only problem about wanting this bag is, it is pretty, but the price is a whole lot prettier! A small Alexa leather satchel would probably cost about Php 40K. Imagine your pockets ripping over and over! I'm not a millionaire's daughter to afford such a thing. So, most of the time I just sit and drool on my screen. Knowing that my dream bag will just remain A dream.

But today, two words and nine letters changed it all for me. Can you guess what it is? It comes with a yellow plastic bag. *wink wink* ;)



The uber sweet boyfriend got this beautiful Mulberry-esque bag for me during his lunch break and I am beyond giddy! He knows how I've been wanting this bag and I can't believe that I finally get to have my very own leather satchel! It resembles the Mulberry Alexa very much. The only difference is, they sell it at a much more pocket friendly price! Why go for something too expensive, when you can have something similar at a cheaper price, right? Plus the quality is actually nice. No Pros and Cons here. I am just one happy little girl! Thank you, Alexa Chung for being an inspiration to such a winsome bag!

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  1. WAAAH! That's a supeer duper pretty bag avaaa! :D hay i need to buy a new bag na, always relying on my oversized totes-- ;) hihi! :)


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