TOYCON POPLIFE FanXperience 2018!♥

by - June 10, 2018

Ever since 2016, the Hubby and I have been an avid fan of going to TOYCON and we always look forward to this every year. :) For 2018, TOYCON is happening from June 8-10. We had the chance to go on the first day since the Hubby has a two week break before he starts at his new job, so this was perfect! Going on the first day has its perks cos you get dibs on photos and seeing everything. Plus, it isn't as congested as the weekend. :)

If kids have the park or toy store as their 'playground', this 3 day pop culture event is our adult version of playground and here's a glimpse of this year's TOYCON POPLIFE FanXperience at SMX! ^_^

The Hubby and I arrived at TOYCON a bit late this year cos I had to catch up on major Zzz cos I stayed up late the night before trying to fix stuff for an upcoming bazaar, so got to SMX at 3PM? If my memory serves me right. I didn't worry so much about missing out on things cos we could come back on the other two days and I basically wanted to explore the place before doing anything else. :) Also TOYCON is from 11:00AM to 9:00PM, so there was plenty of time to catch up! :)

After getting our passes, the first thing we saw before heading in was this exhibit by PinoyLUG that is located just beside the entrance. :) Of course, my husband being a big LEGO fan, this cannot be missed!

I am forever amazed by the creativity of every builder in this community! So much creativity and passion for every display. :) My husband is also a part of a LEGO community and in case you're interested, you can find them on Facebook. :)

Next stop was the display area where different collector's showcase their toy collections. I love how diverse these collections can get. From trendy toys down to vintage or rare ones and they show that even adults can still love toys.

My favorite out of all the displays here was The Never Ending Story one. :) Just look at the intricate details on Falkor! So much went into that! This display is also quite nostalgic for me cos it was my fave movie growing up. ^_^ I wanted to be the child-like empress...chos! =P

This life size Wall-E made out of carton also caught my attention!♥ :)

Another thing I love about TOYCON is how fans really prepare for this and come in their best cosplay/costumes! :) 

They also had artists and toy designer guests present, like Luk Chee Chew and Anatoy.♥

The toy lineup of Anatoy is something I find weirdly cute! Maybe the fact that they're from South Korea also contributed to it? Haha! Love SoKor and I love vinyl toys!

My kids watch Teen Titans on Cartoon Network ALL the time, so I told the Hubby to take my photo at this installation, so I can show them! ^_^

Other cool installations and vinyl displays...

I super duper wanted this cute SFBI Originals toy called Soda Kats! ♥ ♥ ♥ It's so freakin' adorable!! But it was a tad expensive for me at Php 3,500 a box! >_< I needed to be practical haha! But this will haunt me forever! At least I have a photo! =P It will have to do!

While going around the Popaganda booth, I saw a line near The Walking Dead area and boy! When I saw Rick Grimes a.k.a. cosplayer Cecil Grimes inside and he looked SO MUCH like TWD actor Andrew Lincoln, I had to line up too!

The resemblance is uncanny and even if you do a second take, you would actually thin he's the real deal. We were all SHOOKT! He also deserves brownie points for being so friendly! He shakes hands with people who took photos with him and he even lends out his props to make the photo even more fun! ^_^ Cool guy!

P.S. Thank you to the Zombie kuya who took this photo LOL! ^_^

After going around a bit, we had lunch and met up with my blogger friend Pauly who is also a toy enthusiast and all-time big collector of anything Superman! :) He also recently found his love for Funko toys, so welcome to the club!!

We went around to check out some toys and that's really another great thing about TOYCON! SO. MANY. TOYS! They have all kinds! Funko, LEGO, toy figures and even the really old ones from your childhood! :)

Polly pocket!! While I was taking a photo of this, one girl asked how much it was selling for and the owner said Php 1,000! Whooooa! But I was really that surprised since I tried scouting before in eBay and it would play around that price or sometimes even more! Who knew, right? If I only I did, I should have kept all of mine. :(

Lesson learned: take care of all your toys very well! They can turn into big investments!

I was such a RugRats fan in grade school cos I watched this on Nickelodeon every single time and I remember having the Schooltime Baby Dil doll. :) Super cute! I wish I asked how much this was! 

Kawaii PH is also at TOYCON! :) Visit them for the cutest merchandise!

Another toy I loved so much in the 90s! It's making a comeback again and they're still expensive! >_< haha! Though, I was tempted to get this Tamagotchi! But I don't have the time to look after it, so it just might die over and over on me LOL! =P

One of my go-to booths every TOYCON...

I've been waiting for the PUSHEEN series 6 Magical Kitties since its release this year and finally I found a seller that has it! :) Of course, I had to buy one! Couldn't resist! If you're on the lookout for the old Pusheen series and can't make it to TOYCON, usually Toys R Us or Toy Kingdom carries them. :)

This ends my Day 1 experience at TOYCON! :) It was super fun and can't wait for next year! Don't miss out their last day today - June 10!

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TOYCON POPLIFE FanXperience Details:

SMX Convention Center, Pasay City
1 Day Pass Ticket: Php 600

**Toddlers below 3 feet & Infants are free. 
**Children below six years should provide proof of age. 
**Ticket upgrades are allowed on the day of the event or at designated outlets before the event.  Until supplies last.
For more information and updates, visit :)

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